JWD Checklist

To begin your Jaded Web Designs Experience, please make sure you send over all of the below information requested in a word doc or google doc! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jaded Web Designs at


Purchase a Plan

If you are unsure of which website host you should create an account with please email us!

  • A Wix/Shopify Plan (this can be monthly or annually).
    • If you are unsure of which website host or plan to select please email JadedWebDesigns@gmail.com 
  • Please inform me if you need assistance setting up your domain and/or Wix/Shopify account.
  • Wix Plan link: https://www.wix.com/upgrade/website
    • Please make sure you select the best package for your company.
    • If you are an e-commerce company and the site is being built on Wix please make sure you select a plan from the “Business and E-Commerce” tab.

Provide Access

If you have any concerns on the below request please see our Privacy Policy or email us!

  • For a Wix website: Please provide the email used to create the account.
    • Once the website development is complete in the Web Designer's portal, the site will be transferred to your Wix account. 
    • If the Web Designer needs the full credentials to access your Wix account to complete the domain setup the Web Designer will contact you via email. 
  • For a Shopify website:
    • Once the website development is complete in the Web Designer's portal, the site will be transferred to you.
    • If the Web Designer needs the full credentials to access your Shopify account to complete the domain setup or any other steps, the Web Designer will contact you via email. 
  • If you selected "The Make-over" package use the following links to help guide you to provide Website Manager access.
    • Domain URL and login information for domain host
      • If you need to purchase a domain, please purchase one through godaddy.com
    • Instagram log in credentials & Facebook business log in credentials (this is needed to be able to connect your IG feed integration, please ensure multi-factor is not enabled)


    • Transparent Logo in PNG or JPG form
    • All wording TYPED out in a word document or shared google document and emailed in a clear and concise. Hand-written materials and information sent in emails will NOT be accepted.
    • Please make sure you provide wording for every page you have requested (home, about, contact information, etc).
      • Please include page names
    • If you have requested an e-commerce website your wording must include product names, pricing, quantities, and descriptions. You must also provide page tab setup, shipping prices, policies, FAQs and About information.
    • Photos and videos for slideshows, banners and products. These MUST be high quality, professional photos. Screenshots, selfies, or pixelated photos will NOT be accepted.
    • Please be sure to clearly state where the pictures should be placed (banner, about page, product A image, Product B image, etc)
    • If you are interested in a custom banner, please provide the photo and wording to go on your banner if you have any. If you do not have pictures or wording to give, please provide the look and feel you would like for your banner and I will create a few banners for you to choose from that will be designed based off of the theme provided.
      • Please specify the number of customized banners you would like.
    *Please note Jaded Web Designs will not correct or alter any images and/or wording, so please make sure you check for grammar errors and ensure quality images are provided. The ONLY time Jaded Web Designs will alter an image is to size it correctly for the banner (if the banner has been requested).

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